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Courtesy of Sputnik UK

#OperationCroissant descends on London to promote EU love

Parisians are handing out pro-Europe postcards to spread love and togetherness ahead of the referendum tomorrow

The EU referendum campaign is coming to a close, with voting taking place tomorrow on June 23. There’s been some high points: pro-EU fashion, helpful Brexit bots, topless Putin, and of course, #CatsAgainstBrexit. But, the campaign has also got pretty ugly at times. Who could forget UKIP’s ‘Breaking Point’ poster or everyone’s beloved Wetherspoons distributing pro-Brexit coasters to politicise our cheap pints?

However, just when we were seriously lacking in euro-love, in comes an unlikely saviour – the French. Parisians have descended on London today for #OperationCroissant, to hand out postcards with heartfelt messages of togetherness. One Parisian named Helène wrote: “I just wanna say that I would miss you very much if you left EU, what would we do without you?”

Aw, you guys! Here are just a few more examples of affection from our friends across the channel.

Originally the stunt, taking place at King’s Cross, was supposed to be an opportunity to break bread and spread neighbourly love with actual croissants. Unfortunately, the fun police (actual police) advised them that this would be illegal as giving food or drink to people to influence the vote was made an offence years ago.

No matter what happens tomorrow, this olive branch shows being in Europe isn’t all doom and gloom.