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A Creepytings paintingvia Instagram

Graffiti artist banned from US after Reddit investigation

Casey Nocket – also known as ‘Creepytings’ – has now been blocked from entering 20 per cent of the country

A graffiti artist has been banned from entering all US national parks after Reddit users tracked her down on social media.

Casey Nocket – also known as ‘Creepytings’ – had become infamous for her acrylic ‘face’ paintings, which were found across six of the country’s largest nature reserves. She was caught after outraged Reddit users hunted her down and reported her to authorities.

According to The Guardian, the New York artist was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and a fine. She was also banned from all national parks and federally owned land – which basically constitutes more than 20 per cent of the country.

Nocket gained notoriety with her Tumblr and Instagram accounts, which contained a selection of paintings from parks like Death Valley, Canyonlands and Crater Lake. Her work first caught the attention of Reddit’s climbing and hiking community when a user posted a picture of one her paintings found on a Yosemite trail. From there, it sparked an online investigation, and eventually caught the attention of National Park investigator Steve Yu. 

Charles Cuvelier, the chief of the Parks Service’s law enforcement arm, admitted that social media played a pivotal role in the capture of Nocket. “When there are acts of destruction and you make them known at large through social media, that is a powerful tool of investigation,” he said.

“An individual might see their acts as minor, but in terms of protecting these sites, the cumulative effects can be tragic,” he added. “We have sites that don’t exist anymore because of vandalism, and we have to protect it.”