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Lena Dunham and Girls cast release sexual assault PSA

The women dedicated their video to the Stanford University rape survivor

Lena Dunham and the co-stars of Girls have voiced their support for rape survivors and “the brave survivor in the Stanford case who has given so much to change the conversation”.

The TV series cast created the video in solidarity with the Stanford University rape survivor. She was assaulted by 20-year-old student Brock Turner, who was sentenced to six months in prison last week. Her powerful statement to her attacker was published in full on Buzzfeed. Since then, the perpetrator, as well as his father and friends, have defended him, despite his heinous crime.

CVC report that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, with 1 in 4 women assaulted before the age of 18. Despite this, the majority have been sidelined. In the PSA video, Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, and Zosia Mamet challenge our “default reaction as a society to disbelieve, or to silence, or to shame”.

“You already have the power to create a safer, healthier environment for women to come forward,” Williams asserted in the clip. “So please, support, listen, take action.”

The video ends on the strong statement, for why we should fight for rape survivors: “Not because she is someone’s daughter, or someone’s girlfriend, or someone’s sister, but because she is someone”.