Watch Amandla Stenberg school the world on gender, sexuality

In a new video, the teen activist eloquently discusses race, intersectionality, and bisexual erasure

After igniting the internet with last year’s cultural appropriation primer “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows”, Amandla Stenberg is back in front of the camera. The actress-slash-activist – who was recently crowned ‘Feminist of the Year’ by the the Ms. Foundation for Women – has shared more of her hyper-eloquent wisdom in a new video Q&A session for Rookie.

The 15-minute clip, published on Tuesday (May 31), sees the 17-year-old discuss a number of contentious issues; including bisexual erasure, intersectionality and her sexual identity. “I identify publically as bisexual,” she shares. “I would also use the word pansexual to describe my sexuality because I'm attracted to people regardless of their gender expression or gender identity. But the thing is, I've used the word bisexual because for people who don't necessarily know that vocabulary or aren't familiar with the vocabulary, it's easier for me to just say that I'm bi.”

Also, in a nod to her previous comments about cultural appropriation (she famously called out Kylie Jenner for exploiting “black features and culture”), Stenberg also talks about the importance of learning to accept the natural beauty of black hair.

“I still have moments where I'm like, ‘Ugh, my hair's too big’ or, ‘It's too much, I want it to be smaller’,” she admits. “But then I realise that's actually not me talking. That's just like all of the preconceived, internalised messages that I've been fed since birth that have told me my hair is not beautiful. So remind yourself that those are two different things – yourself and who you are, because that exists in your choices and that exists in your heart, and then there's the stupid messages that you've been taught which you have to slowly unfortunately learn how to undo and let go of.”