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Courtesy of Monica Mirabile and Sarah Kinlaw

The NY performance challenging how we view authority

AUTHORITY FIGURE unites Dev Hynes, SOPHIE, Alexandra Marzella and other artists to produce an immersive show on technology, surveillance culture and the police state

Levels of authority exist in every aspect of our lives: in intimate relationships, where we work, where we choose to eat or shop. AUTHORITY FIGURE is an investigative show exploring the influence of “obedience structures” like modern technology, big data and the police state.

“Systems that create those feelings are ones we have to consider,” says director Monica Mirabile. “I’ve developed a new relationship with how I view obedience structures, it’s not to say all these structures are inherently bad, but they should be considered and observed,” explains fellow director and choreographer Sarah Kinlaw.

Mirabile and Kinlaw have enlisted the likes of Dev Hynes, SOPHIE and Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek to soundtrack the production with an original score. The performance will also bring together six different choreographers, including Sigrid Lauren and Colin Self, seven installation artists like Dazed star Alexandra Marzella and over 150 performers for the immersive show at the Knockdown Center, Queens.

Described as a social psychology experiment, the two hour performance immerses audience members in specific durational and emotional challenges, as part of a “personality of endurance quiz”.

AUTHORITY FIGURE’s Kickstarter to fund and document their work ends tomorrow, May 21. Catch their performance May 20 – 22 at the Knockdown Centre, New York