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erotic fruit eating
vis Japan Times

Erotic fruit-eating live streams have been banned in China

It’s now illegal for online hosts to ‘seductively’ eat bananas, enforced by a government overhaul of unregulated video sites

Late nights on the Internet lead to interesting finds: laughable London rentals, a goat that sounds like a man, someone giving a banana oral. The Chinese government, however, aren’t happy with what its population is doing during its time online, and has apparently banned the “erotic” practice of eating the fruit in live streams. But… what else is the Internet even for?

Local publication CCTVNews reports that Chinese president Xi Jinping is taking down the online subculture in a bid to “rehabilitate” the country’s “cyber-ecology”. This latest move comes shortly after the Ministry of Culture investigation into the supposed violent, sexual and “vulgar” work of live-streaming sites such as Douyu,, YY, Zhanqi TV, and Huya.

These companies will now have to comply to new guidelines, which means 24-hour monitoring of hosts using their services. Bananas aren’t the only prop to fall victim to these new rules, as wearing stockings and suspenders on camera has also been banned.

Video-hosting domains go against the grain of a heavily censored digital space in the country, as previously, there was little legislation governing an exponentially growing market. YY, according to Nasdaq, has a user base of 120 million active users, and the company saw a 60 per cent increase in revenue last year to 5.9 billion yuan.

Recently, the digi-famous comedian and live stream host Papi Jiang, who has over 2 million followers, was pulled up by authorities for using bad language in her shows. Reports suggest the government will continue their attempts to “purify” the Internet: it has already targeted LGBT-themed web series, and will continue targeting what it judges as “vulgar”.

Locals on social networking site Weibo and among the swaths of CCTVNews comments weren’t impressed though. One best sums it up: “Dick is Dick! (sic) and banana is banana , all you got is dirty mind and insinuating it. People are so hypocritical these days.”