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Tired of paying rent? Live in this London penthouse for free

A room with a chef, cleaner, and on-site chauffeur is being advertised on Spare Room – and it won’t cost you a thing

Are you tired of the London rent struggle? Do you wish that you could afford more than a mould-ridden broom cupboard, or a mattress on a strange man’s floor? Well now, despite the odds being stacked against you, it seems like these distant dreams could become a reality. According to a new ad put on SpareRoom today, a £8 million penthouse in Paddington has become available – and it won’t cost you a thing to live there.

The completely free room comes in a 4000 sq ft property, and includes a cleaner, a “team of drivers”, and – get this – a “chef who prepares delicious meals 5 days a week.” It would be shared with “two lads” who work in the tech industry, as well as “two chihuahuas”.

“We've successfully built and sold two well-known technology companies and are now working on the third,” Andrew, one of the flatmates, reveals. “We don't need the money (hence the room is FREE!) but we want some good company – someone to hang out with, party with, bounce ideas around with and generally enjoy all that London has to offer.”

He adds: “We are open-minded about the sort of person we'd like – you might already be successful and wealthy and want to live with like-minded people or at the very least you'll be ambitious. Being entrepreneurial and into technology is a big plus and enjoying getting drunk quite often is essential!”

If you’re wondering whether this is all a hoax, SpareRoom itself has confirmed that it’s “definitely” not – with Andrew apparently telling the site’s admin that “he’d just got divorced” so thought it would be a “good way” to meet people. 

“It's definitely the most unusual ad we've seen in the 12 years we've been running SpareRoom,” says Matt Hutchinson, SpareRoom’s Communications Director. “They've been inundated with enquiries from hopeful flatmates so they've got a busy weekend ahead of them.”

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