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joanne the scammer
“I feel like every modern woman is a scammer” – Joanne The Scammer

Learn how to scam with the internet’s biggest cheat

Joanne The Scammer is a power woman out for herself – watch your step or you might get seriously scammed

Joanne the Scammer is the world’s biggest cheat. There is nobody she won’t trick, no situation she won’t twist for herself, no company she won’t scam. Despite being a deplorable scammer who burned down her house for the insurance and entered a Maya Angelou poem to a spoken word contest, she’s wildly popular and a person that can count Katy Perry and Rowan Blanchard as fans. The fact that so many people like her is, in many ways, the perfect scam.

With such brazen, serious scamming going down uninterrupted, we needed to find out more. To that end, we spoke to Joanne the Scammer about the scammers that inspire her, her favourite scams, and what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a seriously good scam.

How did you get into scamming?

Joanne The Scammer: I feel like every modern woman is a scammer, so my character evolved into just that – an exaggerated version of who every woman is deep inside.

What’s the best scam you've ever pulled off?

Joanne The Scammer: Honestly, it was signing Lil Mama to a record label that doesn’t exist.

Is there a scammer you look up to and admire?

Joanne The Scammer: I really admire Charles Ponzi. His come-up was real.

You were recently scammed yourself - your Twitter was hacked, tweets deleted. How did it feel to be scammed yourself? Did it make you want to stop scamming?

Joanne The Scammer: Honestly, it just made me stronger. I know you’re supposed to ‘grow up’ and ‘learn from mistakes’, but right after it happened I hacked into Paper, and scammed their asses for thousands of dollars. Sandra Song, their associate editor, doesn’t know this, but I have her social security card on me. It’s all love at the end of the day, but I need to eat.

Is there a particular scam you’re planning but not sure you can achieve? 

Joanne The Scammer: The end game is to scam someone on live television. Someone like Joy Behar

What would your advice be to anyone who wants to get into scamming?

Joanne The Scammer: You don’t need to put 10,000 hours in before you’re any good at it.

Would you scam a friend?

Joanne The Scammer: I don’t have any friends.

Do you like to dress up to scam? What do you wear?

Joanne The Scammer: Pearls to clutch. Fur coat. Stilettos. 

Does scamming turn you on?

Joanne The Scammer: It’s extremely erotic, yes.

Are you scamming me right now?

Joanne The Scammer: Maybe.