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Chloë Sevigny – Rizzoli book, Dazed
1996Courtesy of Rizzoli

Chloë Sevigny has made a film about kittens

Kitty is the actress’s first film, and will premiere at Cannes in May

Chloë Sevigny is set to make her directorial debut at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, with a new short titled Kitty. The film – which is reportedly based on a Paul Bowles short – follows a young girl who dreams of being a cat, before one day waking up as one.

In an interview with The Cut on Monday, the actress shared a little more about the surreal project. “I chose the story because it had an element of magical realism to it that is something that I always have enjoyed watching, as a viewer, in films,” she explained. “I wanted to do kind of a throwback to kind of those 80s films where they had an element of practical effects and makeup and stuff.”

“It was also about transformation and a girl’s relationship with her mother,” she added. “Just a lot of themes that rang true to me.”

Aside from the May premiere, the actress has a number of other projects coming up over the next 12 months; taking on the role of notorious ax-murderer Lizzie Borden, starring in a stoner horror movie, and reuniting with Last Days of Disco director Whit Stillman. However, according to The Cut, Sevigny’s real intention is to do more directing. “(I want to use Kitty) as a calling card to make features,” she revealed.

Kitty will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May. See more details here