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CRAVE book
Photography Miyako Bellizzi

Is this photo book New York’s answer to loneliness?

An array of artists including Alexandra Marzella and Scout Willis come together in this new publication to show that sometimes there is strength in blue-toned numbers

Feeling a bit sombre these days? What’s a young creative to do in the urban metropolis, trying hard to make a dollar while still retaining some semblance of artistic integrity? It seems that such questions beg universal answers.

Teaming up to counteract a mutual sentiment for displacement and discovery, Miyako Bellizzi and Natalia Mantini have debuted CRAVE, a New York-based publication featuring the work of their friends and creative community. Bellizzi’s career as a stylist and Mantini’s burgeoning work as a photographer have provided the duo with an urge to produce personally fulfilling work the industry often times does not incubate. United by a common theme, the photos in the publication are linked by the colour blue – both in the sense of emotion and visual tone.

With the omnipresent feed readily available at our fingertips, it’s often times one forgets that the digital world is merely a constructed cyber reality. Behind the accounts are real artists and professionals whose work shows for it too. It’s a refreshing and reflective moment when these communities highlight their work in a tangible format, forcing readers to take a moment and reflect on the days of connectivity through printed matter.  

With no shortage of talented photographers and friends to draw upon, the first issue of CRAVE showcases the work of some Internet favorites, including David Brandon Geeting, Niko Karamyan and Tierney Finster, Alexandra Marzella, Carlotta Kohl, Sasha Frovola, Pete Voelker, Jovan Todorovic, Scout Willis and Nate Walton. Who says that loneliness is a solo journey? The duo’s book shows that often times there is strength in blue-toned numbers.

CRAVE launched at NYC’s Objectify, who will feature selected prints by contributors