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The Trainspotting sequel is definitely, finally on the way

According to Ewan McGregor, the script is “really, really, really good”

Trainspotting fans: it’s time to lose your shit. Original cast member Ewan McGregor has just opened up about the long-awaited sequel to the 1996 cult classic: and after lengthy set-backs as the original cast try and find time to reform, this time it's definitely on the way. 

Speaking in an interview with Collider, McGregor provided an update on the as-yet untitled sequel to Danny Boyle’s original film. The sequel will be based on Irvine Walsh’s well-received sequel novel Porno, although only loosely – the script, written by John Hodge, is expected to deviate from some aspects of Walsh’s plot. In a recent VICE interview, Walsh explained that "the main element to the story is basically Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy and Spud getting back together again, and it tells the story of them getting involved in the vice industry in a very innovative way."

Speculation about the new Trainspotting film has been rife for years: in an interview last year Boyle confirmed that shooting was expected to begin in the summer of 2016. Speaking about the sequel, McGregor confirmed that the strength of Hodge’s new script was enough to bring the original Trainspotters team on board, and revealed that they're set to begin filming in Glasgow this May.

“The script only arrived very recently, which was really, really, really good. I think, if that had not happened, none of us would be into it. I think we’re all sort of somewhat protective of what Trainspotting means to people, and what it means to us. None of us want to make a poor sequel to it. So had we not been presented with the most extraordinary script, which we were, I think we wouldn’t be making the sequel. But because we were, we are.” 

You can watch the rest of McGregor’s interview below, or if you’re in the mood to dig a little deeper, check out the rest of Dazed’s Trainspotting coverage here.