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We’re now spending more money on coffee than clubbing

A new study shows we're spending less on entry fees than ever before

A new study has found that we’re more likely to favour staying at home making coffee than we are to indulge on a night out.

An annual report from the Office for National Statistics outlining our spending habits over the last year saw a sharp decline in those spending their cash on club night entry. While other studies find students are spending less than ever before on partying and other social activities, things aren’t looking good for club culture. But could the popularity of UK nightlife really be coming to an end?

With the number of UK clubs halving in the last decade, the Office for National Statistics have deemed the decrease so significant that they’ve dropped the consideration of entry fees from the list of of over 700  goods and services used to calculate inflation. CD’s have also been dropped.

Of the change, ONS statistician Phil Gooding says, “with the number of nightclubs charging entry declining, we can no longer justify keeping these fees in the basket.”

The news comes at a time of increasing turmoil for London’s nightlife. With large parts of the city now gentrified, many legendary nightlife spaces such as Soho’s Madame Jojo’s and The George and Dragon have closed their doors over the past year due to rent increases and redevelopment.

However all may not be lost, with many suggesting the decrease in spenditure could just be down to more venues abolishing entry fees altogether. Other glimmers of hope come in the form of online petitions actually making change and leading to the now protected status’ of iconic gay venue The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Furthermore, new legislation is being introduced next month, seeking to further protect music venues from developers and noise complaints made from new residents by tightening the restrictions on office to residency planning permission.