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weed police
‘art’Courtesy NYPD

Police find $1,000,000 worth of weed in box labelled ‘art’

Who’s to say it isn’t?

New York police were left baffled last month, when one million dollars worth of California-grown weed was discovered in a crate labelled as ‘art’.

The raid, which reportedly took place on the 26th of February, saw Manhattan North Narcotics officers act on a tip-off – intercepting the load from a commercial delivery truck in the West Village. According to the NY Daily News, the drugs were discovered in two 150-pound crates: one labelled as ‘art’, and the other as ‘autoparts.’ Three men have been arrested.

Bridget Brennan, a New York City special narcotics prosecutor, told CBS that she felt the drugs were sent by air from California, and delivered by a courier to Manhattan’s Bleecker Street. Detectives had apparently been following the shipment up to that point, and had sent sniffer dogs to confirm. “It’s a huge amount of marijuana and it’s worth a lot of money,” Brennan told CBS. “If it was going to be sold in street level amounts by the ounce, it would probably be worth up to a million dollars.”

Despite America’s rapidly relaxing drug laws – medical marijuana use is totally welcomed in most states – there are still many dealers desperate to express their more creative side. Only last year, it was revealed that drugs were being shipped over the Mexican border via drones: with one Arizona homeowner having his roof ripped apart by a rogue package. Who’s to say this isn’t just a new kind of artistic expression?