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London flat offers ‘mattress on the floor’ for £430pm

Bargain alert: you can now pay hundreds to sleep at the foot of a strange man’s bed

And so, the shitshow continues. After stunning us with living room sheds and cramped Harry Potter cupboards, London is back with another blinding rental opp: only this time, it’s a squashed single mattress on a stranger’s bedroom floor.

According to a new Gumtree ad, the “bed” that’s being offered only costs £430 per month (not including bills), and is situated a quick walk away from Euston station. An accompanying picture also helpfully reveals the room’s full set-up; showing the assigned mattress at the base of an opulent double bed.

“This is one room to share,” reads the advert. “A BIG clean room in amazing location, to share with a nice, clean male in his 30s. Contains a single bed, wardrobe, heater, desk. It’s a quiet room in a flat share with two other rooms with professionals age 27-34, easygoing and friendly.”

Given the capital’s notoriety for spiralling rents and homelessness, this kind of story doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. In fact, speaking as someone who’s been on the lookout for a new room, it almost seems attractive – with the minuscule mattress costing less than most contract-free property guardian schemes. It’s also got two chairs, which is nice, a circular table, and use of drawers and a wardrobe. You just better make sure you get on with the strange man you’ll be sleeping beneath.

To the select few who aren’t interested in this once-in-a-lifetime deal (who tf even are you??), there are other options. Emigration is on the up for many young Londoners, with many commuting in from other countries – up to 1000 miles away – to save on the cost of London rent. Sounds laughable, but with the way things are going I can see the appeal.