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As snow pounded the USA last week Pornhub's viewers swelled

Unsurprisingly, loads of people figured out the best way to keep their hands warm during Storm Jonas was by jacking off to online porn

Last week the USA got slammed by up to 40 inches of the white stuff – snow. And given that there’s only so many times you can Instagram a snow angel before getting bored, it’s only natural that cooped-up Americans figured out the best way to keep warm during a blizzard is to jack off to some online porn. 

Pornhub just released its viewer statistics from the period of Winter Storm Jonas, and it turns out that the white stuff has really swelled their visitor numbers. At one point on Sunday Pornhub’s users had grown 25%, with the cities pounded hardest by the storm – like New York and Washington DC – exhibiting the biggest spikes. 

According to Pornhub, “as the storm beat down, Pornhub viewers beat on”. In New York City on the Sunday evening, Pornhub saw a traffic increase of nearly 35%, whilst in freezing-cold Philadelphia, traffic jumped 50% at 2am on Friday. What’s kind of interesting is that New York was ferociously masturbating a day after the storm had passed – suggesting that cabin fever had already set in by then and the thought of venturing outside in the slush when there’s a whole world of online pornography waiting for you was just a bit much.

Given that around twenty people died shoveling snow during the blizzard, we think it’s probably a much safer idea to take part in the only form of exercise you can do with a tissue and a WiFi connection in the comfort of your bedroom – masturbation. And if you wanted to go for a snow-inspired theme, Pornhub actually has a snow porn category, for your amusement on those cold wintery nights.