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kirby Jenner
Courtesy Kirby Jenner

Meet Kendall Jenner’s ‘secret’ twin brother

Kirby Jenner is the fake fraternal sibling taking Instagram by storm

Just when you thought you knew everything about the Kardashian / Jenner family, this happens. A mysterious fraternal twin – hidden behind the billboards, apps and reality shows – steps out of the shadows, and onto social media. 

Up to now, not much has been revealed about the enigmatic “Kirby” Jenner. After being mysteriously “cropped” out of all Kardashian family photos, the amateur model has been left completely out of the public eye – only venturing into the world of Instagram just six months ago. Kirby’s account shows that he’s not been exempt from the VIP lifestyle, though: and features images of him kicking back with Bieber, cuddling up to Cara Delevingne and modelling for Calvin Klein. And fortunately, with over 50,000 followers at last count, it looks like he may finally be on the way to getting the recognition he deserves, too.

We caught up with the secret supernova to discuss more about his newfound fame, his famous friends, and what he thinks of all those weird “photoshop” rumours. 

What finally made you decide to join Instagram?

Kirby Jenner: I guess I joined Instagram because all my friends were posting pics of us hanging out in the food court and I was like “what are you guys doing?” and they were like “posting pics on Insta” and I was like “can I see them?” and they were like “do you have an account?” and I said “a bank account?” and they were like “lol nah you gotta make an Instagram account” and I was like “ok how?” and my friend Karen was like “go to the App store, search for Instagram and click download and then make an account.” So I put down my Cinnabon (which I never do haha), washed my hands in the bathroom (which I always do haha) and made an account ASAP. Been nothing but fun times and sick filter choices ever since. 

How have you managed to stay out of the spotlight for so long? 

Kirby Jenner: Would you believe me if I told you that I'm an X-Men and I can turn invisible? Haha, JK but that'd be tight. I freakin love X-Men. My mutant name would be something flashy like Invisible Guy or Ghost Guy or Can't-See-Me Guy. I dunno, I'm just foolin around! But to answer your question more seriously, I think people just never see me because all my car has tinted windows and so does my bedroom. 

How do you get on with the rest of your family? Do you guys argue?

Kirby Jenner: We're all super tight with each other even tho everyone's busy and stuff. But Sundays we all do something whacky like mini-golf (it's like regular golf but smaller) or bowling or karaoke or Blue Apron. We all work as models and do fashion stuff and entertainment so we can hang at home and at work which is v #blessed haha. But we're just a regular family that can get mad at each other sometimes and then gotta apologize. I'm actually making Kylie a macaroni bracelet right now because I accidentally stepped on her Roomba and it broke. Kylie freakin loves that Roomba!!! And Brody is gunna teach me how to make iPod playlists this week so I'm pretty pumped about that! 

What do you say to the people who are accusing you of being a fake, and using photoshop? 

Kirby Jenner: Yo, I'd never even heard of photoshop until last week. I thought people were asking me if I went into an actual shop and bought photos of myself and then squeezed them into Instagram or some shit. And I was like, “yo how is that even possible and why would a shop have photos of me????” But then Khloé showed me what photoshop was on her computer and so now I get it kinda. But I dropped my laptop in Anne Hathaway's pool a couple weeks ago so I gotta use Khloé's for the time being. Or Kim's. Or Kanye's but his is password protected and I can't hack it for the life of me haha! Oh, maybe his password is 'Kanye'? I'll try that this afternoon. But haters can think what they want and I'll just keep posting. Just Kirby being Kirby, you know? 

You can see more of Kirby’s VIP life by following him on Instagram here