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Anonymous declare war on Thai police over British murder

Protesting the murder of two British backpackers, the cyber activists have hacked into the country’s justice system

Anonymous has declared a new cyberwar on Thai police, to protest the unjust murder verdicts served to two Myanmar migrant workers.

The hacktivist group – who are currently in the midst of a hefty online battle against Isis – shut down a series of websites linked to Thailand’s justice system. According to information published by the group, the move was a direct response to the “scapegoating” of two Burmese men, who had been convicted of killing two British backpackers in 2014. 

“Anonymous has learned that the Thai police have accused innocent people before,” revealed a representative in a Facebook post. “(They) would rather blame foreigners or migrants for such crimes so as to protect their tourism industry then accuse their own Thai locals, that may deter tourists from choosing Thailand as their holiday destination.”

Fifteen websites were infiltrated during the attack, with seven being shut down. They were replaced instead with a black screen that read: “Failed Law. We want Justice. #BoycottThailand.”

Koh Tao Murder - Thai Police, their scapegoats and tourist t...

Koh Tao Murder - Thai Police, their scapegoats and tourist trade - Exposed by AnonymousThis video goes into the deep facts of the recent Koh Tao Island murder of David Miller and Hannah Witheridge.Recently a lower Thai court had sentence Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin to death for the murder of David and Hannah.Many bloggers and internet users online had said that these two Burmese migrants were actually scapegoats.Anonymous has looked into this very bizarre island and this murder case.Our findings are disgusting as we have discovered some very ugly corruption involving the Royal Thai Police and their lack of skills and competency with professional investigating serious crimes.The Thai Police have used scapegoats before and set people up in the past only to have been caught out.Their tourism trade is high on their protection list however anonymous has now put Thailand on High Alert.These findings Anonymous has found are shocking and pathetic to say the least.It is clear to Anonymous that this rape and murder case involving Hannah Witheridge and David Miller is far from perfect with their conviction.Below are the many links we used for our research and we will continue to follow this case on into the future for any further developments.Transcript: viewing this video if you feel there is evidence of Thai Police corruption and that these two Burmese boys have been used as scapegoats, the we encourage you to sign this petition below. Tao Crime Photos: about the Koh Tao murder case on the 15th Sept 2014 Tao Murders | Call for justice in the investigation & judicial procedure police officers give contradictory evidence at Hannah Witheridge murder trial Tao murder trial: Defendents did not have representation during interrogations, court hears: Tao ‘murderers’ were tortured, says Burmese embassy lawyer: motorbike gang mugged British women night before backpacker couple were murdered on Koh Tao island: Tao Suspicious Crimes & Deaths: backpacker murders: Burmese workers sentenced to death: beach murders: Burmese suspect claims he was beaten, tortured by police: Thailand - David Miller, 24, & Hannah Witheridge, 23, Koh Tao, 15 Sep 2014 now rule out Koh Tao headman’s son a murder suspect, turn to foreign tourists in the probe: Tao headman offers one million baht cash if evidence proves his family implicated in the tourist murder: Zaw Rim, Win ‘murdered’ Koh Tao backpackers Hannah Witheridge and David Miller twist in murder of two Brits in Koh Tao: DNA test for Koh Tao AC Bar owner’s son Tao: Suspects found guilty of murdering British backpackers – Putting a Suspect to Rest: tourist murder suspect now arrested, another on the run: LA: Facebook OLD WOUNDS, SOME NEW ONES, COME TO THE FORE AS CONTROVERSIAL MURDER TRIAL ROW CONTINUES: of Koh Tao Island Chief Denies Role In Britons' Murder: jones:Murdered backpacker Kirsty Jones: Mum says Foreign Office prioritising diplomacy over justice for daughter of murdered backpacker Kirsty Jones accuses Foreign Office of putting diplomacy ahead of her quest for answers: Kirsty Jones Part III: Scapegoating: Bourke & Sheri McFarlane:Hill-tribe men 'set up' for rape, murder of Aussies: sentence for Thai men who killed Australian: still swirls over 2000 Aussie backpacker murder: sentence for Australian's slaying Murder: Pearson:Thailand beach death: Parents convinced son murdered – and his killing covered up to protect tourism Annesley:Graduate, 23, died in Thailand just two weeks into a four month backpacking trip and only days after tweeting she had a chest infection and was taking Valium young British backpacker dies on Thai island of Koh Tao: Tao autopsy raises medication + alcohol suspicions (updated) Povse:Frenchman found hung in Koh Tao: foul play suspected: its spectacular turquoise water, lush jungles and laid-back vibe, the tiny island of Koh Tao seems like paradise. Criminologist Doubtful in Koh Tao Hanging Suicide of Dimitri Povse: man hanged on Koh Tao with hands tied handled as suicide: #Thailand #RoyalThaiPolice #DavidMiller #HannahWitheridge #KelvinBourke #WaiPhyo #ZawLin#SheriMcFarlane #KirstyJones #NickPearson #InTouchResort #AcBar #MontriwatToovichien #ChristinaAnnesley #DimitriPovse #WoratTuwichian#WoraphanTuwichian #SeanMcAnna #ThaiCorruption #Burma #DrPorntip #TeerawutPhomhaan #Corruption#ThaiMafia

Posted by We Are Anonymous on Sunday, 3 January 2016

“Our findings are disgusting as we have discovered some very ugly corruption involving the Royal Thai Police and their lack of skills and competency with professional investigating serious crimes.”

Burmese migrants Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo were sentenced to death on Christmas Eve last year, after they were accused of murdering  Hannah Witheridge and David Miller – two British backpackers who were visiting the country in September 2014. Despite initially confessing to the crimes, both Lin and Phyo eventually went on to rescind their statements: saying that they have been tortured by police to make false statements. Since this, many questions have been raised over the credibility of the forensic teams and DNA evidence.

“We do not like the facts in this recent Koh Tao case and we do not believe the Thai court has convicted the actual murderers of the crime,” they concluded. “Anonymous calls for this case to be reinvestigated with credible forensic specialists.”