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Ryan Mahon
Ryan Mahon, the man who defended the drag queen against the homophobevia Facebook

Stranger defends drag queen against homophobe on the tube

Londoner Ryan Mahon was riding home on New Year’s Eve when he encountered a man spewing hate speech – the video of his response has gone viral

New Year’s Eve can often be a recipe for disaster – especially in a busy city. Lots of very drunk people all smashing together, travelling from one event to another under pressure to have the best night of the year. Throw a few haters into the mix and it goes from 0 to raging in a matter of seconds.

This occasion was no different. When Londoner Ryan Mahon was on the tube in the early hours of the January 1 he encountered a homophobic man verbally attacking a drag queen. He started defending the queen and filmed the whole thing on his phone. The man then turned on Mahon, who is gay, and started a hateful diatribe using the oldest homophobic slurs and ideals in the book. Among other things, he called Mahon a cunt because he “likes it in the arse” and is gay; he also said he didn’t like people being gay or in drag in public because his son would learn from it.

Mahon posted the video in a post on Facebook explaining what had happened. “On the way home I witnessed an absolute idiot shouting abuse at a drag queen on the tube. I then made the heinous crime of sticking up for her and this video shows what happened.” He added: “(The man) seems to think that gay people have a negative influence on his child. I think having a father who thinks it’s acceptable to publicly shame others is far more of a negative influence.”

As is often true of these public justice viral videos, the defendant is very much alone. “The most disappointing thing of all, however, was that on an entire tube full of witnesses to what was happening I was the only one who spoke out,” explained Mahon. “I understand it was 5am on New Year’s and most people just wanted their bed or a toilet to be sick in but all I know is that if anyone was on the receiving end of such disgusting behaviour they would want somebody to stand up for them.”

Mahon finishes by telling readers to stay out of most of London if they’re homophobic. “If you have a problem with gay people…whatever you do stay out of Soho…and the Vauxhall/Stockwell area…maybe parts of Clapham too…Hampstead Heath is best avoided. Basically just do one!! Don’t be a dickhead!!”

Read Mahon’s full post here.