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Art Baby Gallery's Take Me Home Tonight
Courtesy of Laura Callaghan and Art Baby Gallery

The art space opening up the real world for young creatives

Amid an environment that is often hostile to budding creatives, online platform Art Baby Gallery is providing representation and exposure for young artists

The art world is cut throat; there’s no denying it. Whether you’re on the inside or the outside, chances are you’re going to face adversity, and, if you’re an artist in New York, then multiply that struggle by ten-fold. However, that doesn’t mean there’s not well-intentioned people out there or young people doing it for other young people and putting creativity over profit. Artist-curator and NY native Grace Miceli is that art world guardian angel. Founder of Art Baby Gallery, an online space that recently experienced its foray to IRL with the exhibition Girls At Night on The Internet, she told us: “The art world can feel so exclusive and alienating, especially as a young artist... it’s so important that those of us who feel underrepresented in the arts support each other, because no one else is going to do it.”

Following the success of the first show, just three months later, Micelli is rounding up some of New York and the world’s finest contemporary artists, including those on the Art Baby roster and beyond, for Take Me Home Tonight. Over 100 affordable prints (with prices from $40-$100) will be arranged "wallpaper-like style” around Brooklyn’s Alt Space. Miceli reveals: "I think as a curator this time I was interested in showcasing a wide variety of mediums and themes, to extend the appeal to as wide an audience as possible, to encourage the community around Alt Space, and myself, as a curator, to grow even more – inclusivity is key.” It’s with this show that she hopes to be able to put some well-earned cash into the pockets of the artists she’s championing, explaining, "I’m hopeful to support the economy of artists actually being able to sell their work, by hosting a show full of affordable works, so artists will be paid for the hard work that they do as active content creators for all of us."

Take Me Home Tonight is on at Brooklyn’s Alt Space from 10 December – 31 December

Full list of artists include: Aleia Murawski & Alex Wallbaum, Alison Jenkins, Alyson Romanok, Amber Ibarreche, Arvida Byström, Ayqa Khan, Blaise Cepis, Brie Moreno, Bunny Bissoux, Carly Jean Andrews, Caroline David, Charlotte Mei, Claire Milbrath, Crystal Zapata, Dafy Hagai, Emmanuel Olunkwa, Fabiola Lara, Faye Orlove, Grace Ahlbom, Grace Miceli, Heather Benjamin, India K, Justin Hager, Kendra Yee, Killer Acid, Kristofferson San Pablo, Laura & Cherry, Laura Callaghan, Lilian Martinez, Maisie Cousins, Mars, Maya Fuhr, Mel Stringer, Miller McCormick, Minna Gilligan, Miza Coplin, Morgan Maher, Myla Dalbesio, Natalia Mantini, Nyssa Sharp, Paul Windle, Penelope Gazin, Rebecca Storm, Rebekah Campbell, Richard Perez, Sanam Sindhi, Sara Andreasson, Shana Sadeghi-Ray, Shelby Sells, Shreya Chopra, Signe Pierce, Tara Booth, Tyra Mitchell & Zoe Burnett