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bill murray
Bill Murray in "The Life Aquatic"

Bill Murray playing a dog in Wes Anderson’s next film

According to the actor it's a stop-motion animated ‘Japanese story’

We’re lucky enough to have Sofia Coppola’s “A Very Murray Christmas” giving us our Bill Murray fix over the holidays. Now the news is out that the actor, who has spent his weekend at the Marrakech International Film Festival receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award, is collaborating with his best buddy Wes Anderson once again. 

Anderson is putting together a stop-motion animated movie about dogs and it’s going to feature the voices of regular collaborators Jeff Goldblum, Bob Balaban and Edward Norton, of course. Now Murray has announced he’s on board too. And he’s playing a canine.

“[Anderson’s] doing another, like a stop motional animated kind of comedy, sort of like Fantastic Mr. Fox,” Murray said. “And it’s a Japanese story and I’m playing a dog. I’m very excited.”

The Japanese element sounds particularly interesting; it could mean literally anything, although the influence of Yasujiro Ozu on the films of Wes has been commented on before.

Plot details and timeline for release are to be confirmed but tbh we could wait forever to see a dog with Bill Murray’s voice.