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These Instagrammers could help save the world

Hit follow on the eco-warriors leading the charge for climate change by using social media for more than #selfies

For the past week, the world has finally been giving climate change the attention it deserves through a series of events happening in Paris for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. From 8-9 December, Dazed's founder Jefferson Hack will join forces with Parley – a space where creatives and ‘thinkers’ come together for the good of the planet – founder Cyrill Gutsch for Parley for the Oceans, hosting speakers like Vivienne Westwood and The Cove director Louie Psihoyos, amongst other eco-warriors. Ahead of the talks, we look at the Instagrammers who could just save the world by using the platform for more than just #selfies.


Teen eco-warrior Elizabeth Farrell's, aka Glacier Girl, is using the internet to make noise about climate change, an issue so daunting that most people don't know where to begin and where to end. Her project Remember The Glaciers helps breaks down the complexity of it and aims to speak to the internet generation through clever, but captivating, photography and the use of slogan tshirts and accessories.


Lily Cole doesn't need an introduction, and you're probably already following her on Instagram, but just in case you're not, here's a reminder. Amongst dreamy selfies and doting shots of her relatively newborn baby girl are a peppering of call-to-actions for climate change and sustainability.


The ultimate eco-warrior, whether she’s making her message heard via her work as a fashion designer, at the frontline of a protest, or on her IG feed, thankfully the environment has Dame Vivienne Westwood on its side. Maybe the closest thing we have to the IRL Captain Planet, but even more bad ass.


Coining the term "#eco-punk", ecological activist and artist Ella Goerner toys between the various disciplines of science, economics, technology and culture. Creating thought-provoking and interactive digital art, check out her IG for a glimpse of how she’s helping to raise awareness in an engaging way.


Ever practical, the Fashion East designer is a self-described 'magpie' with a make-do-and-mend approach. SS16 saw him up-cycle fabrics and responsibly source everything he could, a habit he picked up after working in Paris for Louis Vuitton and seeing how much waste was produced. He told us: “A lot of places make insanely wasteful ready-to-wear collections for the purpose of selling fucking perfume and it pisses me off. A bit of intellect and consideration is needed when you’re producing and I think we really need to see a lot more transparency at these companies, and a lot more responsibility. Vuitton are excellent at sponsoring people and utilising their waste fabrics, encouraging and sponsoring students and artists for projects, but others are not."