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Anonymous have told a Youtuber to take down his prank video

Sam Pepper has been told that he will incur the wrath of the group if he doesn’t remove it

Anonymous has been busy going in hard on Isis but apparently the terrorist group aren’t the only ones to have angered the collective. A YouTuber called Sam Pepper has caught their eye.

A Twitter user claiming to be “a voice” for Anonyous sent out a series of tweets criticising his new video featuring “violent abuse”. Pepper is a YouTuber known for his prank videos, which in the past have involved hilarious activities such as a “fake hand ass pinch prank” in which he pinched women’s arses. This time the 25-year-old went too far with new video “KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK”, which features Pepper pranking Vine star Sam Golbach with help from fellow Viner Colby Brock.

"Let's see how he Golbach reacts to his best friend of five years being killed in front of him," Pepper says while introducing the prank. Just fun and games between mates, eh! Pepper and Brock proceed to drive into the shot, then get out and a figure in a balaclava grabs Brock, puts a bag over his head, tapes him up and dumps him in the boot of the car. The pair take him to a rooftop and Pepper shoots Brock in the head with a fake gun.

The video culminates in a genuinely quite horrible half a minute in which the subject of Pepper’s prank is screaming and crying with haunting piano music added in the edit. But don’t worry! Your mate isn’t dead – he stands up at the end and everything’s fine. Right? 

Not really. Anonymous were particularly displeased, attacking it on Twitter and telling him he must take it down within 24 hours.

This isn’t the first time Pepper has been under serious scrutiny on the internet. He’s repeatedly been accused of misogyny and even had his sexist “ass pinch” video removed from YouTube by moderators. This latest effort hasn’t gone down too well, with a serious amount of thumbs down.

It’s been 24 hours and he’s yet to take it down – watch this weird space, I guess.