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Check out Lily Rose-Depp at the checkout

Her film, Yoga Hosers, is a ‘Girl Clerks’ and is slated to premiere at Sundance next year

I feel ashamed that I sat through the entirety of this weird montage while double-checking to see there was, in fact, no trailer as of yet for Yoga Hosers. The film, starring Lily Rose-Depp, is the first time we’ll really get to see her acting chops. It’s just been announced that the film will enjoy its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Depp plays Colleen Collette in Kevin Smith’s upcoming horror-comedy.

What is it? Basically, it’s a remake of Smith’s hit film Clerks, which was similarly set in a convenience store. It’s “Girl Clerks”. This time, though, he’s swapped New Jersey for Winnipeg, Manitoba. Two besties – Colleen Colette and Colleen McKenzie – love yoga and work together at a convenience store. As attractive young teens, they get invited to a party by a senior. Instead of watching the pair get trashed together, they “accidentally uncover an ancient evil buried beneath their Canadian convenience store.”

Who is it for? “Tween girls,” according to director Kevin Smith. “It’s like Clueless meets Gremlins.”

Why? TBC.