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isis bookshop in denver
ISIS Books and Gifts, that vandals inexplicably believe to be affiiiated with the terror group of the same name

Isis bookshop vandalised for fifth time, won’t change name

It’s a New Age Wicca shop named after the Egyptian goddess and has no relation to the terror group

There’s a lot in a name. Many think your name can make or break you. In the last year, the Denver-based shop, “Isis Books and Gifts” has been vandalised five times but even in the face of repeated attacks, the owners refuse to change the name.

Obviously having absolutely no relation to the terrorist organisation, “Isis Books and Gifts” is named after something much more ancient. “Isis is the name of an Egyptian goddess, 3,500 years old at least, the goddess of women and healing and childbirth – basically the antithesis of everything the terrorists are about,” Jeff Harrison, the owner, said. The company sells books and gifts related to spirituality, religion and healing and has an ancient Egyptian themed decor. Basically, it’s one of those Wicca incense and witchcraft shops.

The vandals would do well to remember that as much as Isis appear to want to infiltrate the West, it feels a little early for the terrorist organisation to have set up a bookshop in Denver.

Harrison suspects the vandals are “some ignorant people believing that somehow the terrorists have a store, a gift store, in the middle of Denver, Colorado”. The most recent incident was timely – last weekend after the attacks in Paris when a store sign was smashed.

Since 1980, the shop has been under the Isis name and the Harrisons have owned it since 1997. Apparently, they’ve heard from other business with the unfortunate “Isis” in their names, asking if they plan to change. He says no.