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Target OCD jumper
Target’s OCD jumper that no-one seems to like

Target’s problematic OCD Christmas jumpers facing backlash

People who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are disappointed by the company’s Obsessive Christmas Disorder sweaters

Festive season is nearly upon us, meaning that soon we’re going to eat more than usual, see family members we can barely remember and put on jumpers that would look completely stupid in say, April. As with any wholesome holiday, brands are looking to cash in and market goods at customers that are specifically for this one week of the year. There will be missteps along the way.

American retailer Target has released a jumper emblazoned with wordplay on the mental health issue Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. On the seasonally red jumpers is a logo that reads "Obsessive Christmas Disorder". I’m not offended by it, but then I don’t suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so consider my privilege checked.

Others aren’t happy about it, predominantly those who feel that the extremely debilitating condition is trivialised by people who say things like "Jeez, I’m so OCD about tidying my room" when they just tidy their room fairly often, or describe the weather as "schizophrenic" when sun and rain happens in one day. People who really suffer from it can see their lives ruined by an overwhelming disorder that can have a severe impact of their lives. See a small fraction of the reactions below.

Other people were quick to argue that it’s pointless being offended over a Christmas jumper being sold by Target. One person said: "I have bad ocd and this doesn’t offend me at all. It's really not worth being offended over." Another said, "I actually have OCD and I am not offended by Target's Christmas sweater."

Despite the backlash against the jumper that puns on a mental health issue, Target will not be pulling the sweaters from its shelves. Where do you stand? Should a corporation be making light of a serious mental health condition, or are people too easily offended? My hot take: the jumpers look bad, aren’t funny and shouldn’t be worn.