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Chloe Grace Moretz
via @chloegmoretz Instagram, fan art by @canadajoe1

Chloë Grace Moretz to star in The Little Mermaid

The Dazed cover star is playing the lead role in Richard Curtis’s new retelling of the classic story

Chloe Grace Moretz, Dazed November 2013 cover star, is set to take her biggest role since Carrie – arguably her most prominent yet. It’s just been announced that Moretz will play the title character in Richard Curtis’s retelling of The Little Mermaid.

Not much is known yet about how this version will differ from the Hans Christian Andersen story or the famed Disney version we grew up with, but we can presume it’ll still be based loosely on the tale of a mermaid who wants to become human after falling in love.

Earlier this year, director Sofia Coppola sadly left the project, blaming creative differences with the studios. According to Variety, executives wanted to take one more shot at the script with a top-level writer in order to attract prime talent.

Rumour had it that Moretz had been the frontrunner for the role even while Coppola was still attached, with some suggesting Coppola’s drop from the project having something to do with the choice of a star like Moretz. Following the director’s exit, the studio still wanted Moretz for the role but wouldn’t want to make it official until a writer was attached for the final draft.

We’re hyped for Moretz’s involvement, but need to know pronto whether Queen Ursula is back.