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fight club
Would Tyler Durden have used Rumblr?

Rumblr is the Fight Club for the modern age

The app is just Tinder except for kicking the shit out of each other, not romance

A controversial new app is supposedly set to launch that allows real-life Tyler Durdens to swipe right and meet people to brawl in the streets. Rumblr sells itself as "an app for recreational fighters to find, meet, and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby."

Its website claims that it’ll allow you to match with opponents and organise fights, chat with your fellow rumblers to increase pre-battle hype or just go along as part of the crowd in case you’re not in the mood to meet a stranger in the middle of the city for a brawl.

Is this real? Surely this must be a hoax? However, someone claiming to represent Rumblr told NY Daily News, "We have raised relatively substantial funding from private American investors and the app is fully developed." The spokesperson also said that the Rumblr team was working closely with the iOS store to work out legal issues that are preventing the app’s launch. It’s hardly surprising that Rumblr, an app that purports to act as a conduit for streetfighting, might get red flagged by the authorities.

With the app still in beta stages it’s impossible to determine its legitimacy. Without anyone to rumble, it’s hard to say. Crucially though, does anybody think the concept works? There is an age old argument that the human desire for violence will never be extinguished, so maybe it’s best played out being people who’ve mutually and formally agreed to fight.

However, with no way of officiating or regulating these "fights", we’d say that it’s a safe bet that something terrible will happen, beyond brawling. Would you ever use Rumblr?