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emoji keyboard
via EmojiWorks

There’s now a keyboard so you can type emoji quicker

A company called EmojiWorks has designed a complete physical set of emojis so you don’t need to waste time with shortcuts

The emoji has cut out so much waffle from our communication. Why explain how shy and cute you feel in response to what the other person has said when you can sum it all up with a see-no-evil monkey? Why try and sext when often a simple smug face captures your mood and intention in a button? Actually, don’t sext using emoji.

If only we could cut out even more words, using emoji every day. We should be lacing the emoji into everyday emails with the tap of a key, surely. EmojiWorks has heard your thoughts and they’ve delivered. Now you can literally sit at work and communicate solely in emoji, if you really, really want to.

The emoji keyboard is here. Compatible with Mac’s OS X El Capitan and Windows 10 computer operating systems, alongside Apple's iOS 9 for iPad, the device comes in three versions. The basic emoji keyboard, for the average Joe. A Mid-range emoji keyboard plus, for those who think their game is tight. And the emoji keyboard pro, for true experts.

On the more advanced models you can change the skin tone like you can on a smartphone. They’ll set you back $79, $89, and $99 respectively – a steal, if you ask me. Order here.