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Rihanna BBHMM

Rihanna to star in sci-fi film with Cara Delevingne

The singer has bagged a ‘big’ role in Luc Besson’s upcoming space epic Valerian

You may already be familiar with the wacked-out work of Luc Besson. From The Fifth Element and La Femme Nikita to Lucy and Léon, the iconic french filmmaker has spent years injecting much-needed energy into the tired “strong woman” stereotype. And, for his next project Valerian, it looks like he has no plans to let up – especially as he's just assigned one of the most powerful women in music to a starring role.

The director announced that Rihanna would be joining the cast via Instagram yesterday, revealing to his followers that she was set to play a “big part.”

“RIHANNA is in VALERIAN!!!!!” he wrote. “....and she has a big part!! I'm Sooo excited!!!😊”

The singer will star alongside Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne in the film; which is an adaptation of a bestselling sci-fi graphic novel series. It follows a time-travelling agent from 28th Century earth called Valerian (DeHaan), and his red-haired companion Laureline (Delevingne). There are no hints yet of who Rihanna will be playing, but after the perfect psycho sass of “BBHMM”, my money's on the bad guy.

Production on the film is set to start at the end of the year, with a projected release date of July 21 2017.