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Facebook will tell you if the government is in your inbox

The social network says that it’s going to warn its users if they believe that spies are reading messages

We all know it, governments are nosy. It’s simple – by and large they just love spying on us. We’ve grown accustomed to this knowledge in a measly, apathetic way, which is weird really – if a total stranger came and stood next to you and listened to you talking to your mates then you’d tell them to fuck off, right?

Not everyone is gonna lie down and just take it, with the resistance coming from an unlikely source. Facebook – where you probably saw this article – has told users: "We will notify you if we believe your account has been targeted or compromised by an attacker suspected of working on behalf of a nation-state”.

If Facebook believes that your account has been compromised by a government hacker, the following message will show up:

The announcement comes as the Conservative government seeks to afford spies even more power to hack smartphones with the proposed introduction of a revamped investigative powers bill. Of course, spies have always gone through our shit, but in treacherous legal waters. This bill will put the law on their side.

It’s good to see Facebook step up in the face of a relentless assault on privacy, but impossible to say how effective the methods will prove.