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Polly Nor Instagram
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Three of the most bad ass female illustrators on IG

Tapping into the female condition through satire, wit and some great pen strokes – here are the @handles you should be following

It used to be that a picture was worth a thousand words but who said that was limited to the camera? With the rise of female-led illustration, it’s no surprise that the world of graphics are taking that title. Where else can you turn thoughts like “I always pay attention to boys’ hairlines for potential balding” into something that’s not fucked up but funny, relatable and honest. For everything you (and me) haven’t had the courage to say but have really been thinking there’s a whole world of doodle-happy girls of there who will say it for you. Here’s three of the best on Instagram.


Scrolling through Cortney Cassidy’s work, it’s hard to not truly believe that somehow she’s tapped into our inner monologues. She might have, but do we care? No. Because it’s all for the greater good of women everywhere. ‘Thoughts’ like ‘Singing fuck the pain away while eating a cheeseburger’ and ‘Does this bag of take out make me look single?’ are just a few of our faves.


Polly Nor’s illustrations were – whether you realised it or not – what you have been truly waiting for. Gaining notoriety since her recent London show, this recent graduate toys with the female condition through the lens of satire.


Ambivalently Yours is the anonymous artist leaving little pink notes around the world, filled with words that shatter any self-confidence doubts and let you know that what you’re doing is actually okay. Don’t be fooled by the candy floss pink paper, these might seem totally sweet but her words carry a sting, and a much-needed dose of ‘fuck the haters’.