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emoji dick
<3via Flirtmoji

We present: the penis emoji

It was only a matter of time before male genitalia graced our instant messages, in all their veiny, hairy glory

It’s only been a matter of days since we were blessed with, what I can only call, a true gift: the vagina emoji. They came in all colours and were weird shapes and saggy and tight and hairy and were just perfect. What fairness would there be in this world if they were not matched by a male equivalent? We couldn’t have a purple, flowing, beautifully drawn vagina and just a crude eggplant to represent a dick. Please.

The Gods themselves (Flirtmoji) knew this and have given us penis emojis. And they’re just as diverse as that holy batch of vag ones. They’re fuzzy, hairy, heavy on the foreskin (or without). And loads of veins. Green ones. With balls, of course.

They weren’t just drawn from memory either. The team were inspired by genitalia on Tumblr, cinematic shots in porn and a number of weird Google searches. The product: true artwork.

"We broke a lot of our stylistic conventions of symmetry and regularity to embrace kind of this total diversity of form," Flirtmoji artist Katy McCarthy told Mashable. "There needed to be some sort of massive language of icons for all this incredible sexting people are having.”

Apparently, boobs are coming next. A third blessing.