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in praise of fat still
"In Praise Of Fat" starring Brock Avery and Vanity FoxJamie Lees via Nowness

Watch this film exploring the sensuality of body fat

James Lees’ provocative film ‘In Praise Of Fat’ marks the return of the Define Beauty series on Nowness

What is beauty and who decides? These are questions being posed by Nowness’ Define Beauty series, that returns today with a film by James Lees that explores the sensuality of fat. Starring porn star Brock Avery and model Vanity Fox, the camera follows an erotic encounter that refuses to shy away from nudity or the "grittier" parts of the human body, exploring in extreme detail the folds of her skin.

Lees explained his intentions to Nowness. "When do you ever see an overweight model being sexual?" he said. "It’s almost as if it is taboo; deemed not something people want to see. I wanted to confront this face-on."

There are five films in the second series of Define Beauty, looking at scars, ageing, the teenage male gaze and pheromones. Watch the first, In Praise Of Fat, below.