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The privilege of staying here would cost you 500 actual British pounds every month@alex_lomax via Twitter

Single London bed under the stairs offered at £500pm

You’d be sleeping underneath the coats next to the Daz, with very little room for Netflix and chill

Each week, London seems to plumb a new depth in the standard of accommodation that the city’s estate agents try to bestow upon its inhabitants. We’ve seen a shed in a living room, a flat with a shower under the bed – but this latest offering is arguably the dankest and most depressing so far.

A woman called Alex Lomax went to view a flatshare in Clapham, South London. Upon arriving she was surprised to find that the bedroom, priced at £500 per month, was actually just a single mattress underneath the stairs. Check the image below – the owners haven’t even bothered to move the backpacks and plastic containers at the pillow end of the "bed".

Move towards the other end of the bed and you’ll see that that’s where your potential housemates – the ones with actual bedrooms – hang their coats and store the detergent. Picture this – it’s nearly winter and you’re cooped up in that bleak corridor of total, all consuming certainty.

Your housemates, fresh from a night of normal sleep, will come in to do normal things like put on their winter coats to go for a walk and breezily kick those yellowy brown leaves across the pavement, chatting and laughing amongst themselves about how much of an absolute mug you are for taking that room and how you should never have moved to London and reminiscing how, just that morning, they stepped on on your ankles trampling over you to get their backpacks for a weekend away and then left a note outside your door reminding you that it’s the end of the month and you owe them £500.

Whatever you do, don’t take this room. Have you seen the design on that duvet?