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$10,000 bag of weed falls from the sky, puts hole in house

The Arizona home is 1,000 feet from the Mexican border – police suspect a rogue drug dealing drone accidentally dropped the 23lb bundle

There are certain measures that homeowners take in order to protect the place that they live – some people employ guard dogs to ward off burglars all have fire alarms to signal potentially destructive indoor fires and it’s common practice to have an automated security light so you can catch snoopers in your driveway. It is, however, pretty hard to find any way to defend your house against a very expensive bag of weed falling from the actual sky and putting a giant hole in your roof.

A couple from Arizona were awoken by a loud bang in the night, but assuming it was a thunderstorm returned to bed. In the morning they were shocked to discover a bundle of marijuana that police estimate to be worth $10,000 (£6,500) on the floor of their home, and a huge hole in the roof. It’s a big crater, as you can see below.

Not only that, but the enormous bag of weed also completely destroyed the doghouse belonging to the couple’s German shepherd. Needless to say, if the dog had been resting up at the time that the weed meteor struck, it may not be with us today. Check out the pooch’s busted home below, with the culpable bundle of weed sitting pretty amongst the wreckage.

But however other people may perceive such an incident, authorities are’t viewing this as an Act of God. The Nogales Police Department suspect slash completely know that the weed was accidentally dropped from the sky by a drone carrying the contraband over the border from Mexico. It’s increasingly common way to traffic drugs – earlier in 2015, a drone carrying six pounds of crystal meth crashed just one mile from the border. The advantage of this transportation method is that it negates the need for drug mules (a dangerous and exploitative technique) and stops cartel bosses having to meet in person.

However, sometimes the drones will fuck up and drop marijuana meteors on residential areas, putting people, homes and dogs at risk.