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Apparently being racist can cause early death

According to a new study, being prejudiced is actually really bad for your health

In the words of FKA twigs: "Racism is unacceptable in the real world and it's unacceptable online." Well according to the latest study by the American Journal of Public Health, it turns out not only is racism unacceptable but could actually lead to an early death. As if people needed any more reasons to cut out prejudice.

Apparently, the study conducted by researchers from the University of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Harvard has even proved that people "living in communities with higher levels of racial prejudice were at an elevated risk of mortality." Yep, just living in an area of racists can cause people to croak it earlier.

For the study, researchers used U.S. survey data on attitudes towards race from 1993-2002 and connected the participants to death records through 2008. The New York Daily News reports that by 2008 around 15 per cent of the 1000 participants in the study had died. In comparison to non-racially prejudiced areas this increased the risk of premature death by 23 per cent. Although the study doesn’t include lifestyle choices etc of participants who range in age, the 23 per cent does exclude socioeconomic factors, which makes the percentage quite high.

The original questions from the study asked white people whether they felt black people "had worse jobs, income or housing due to less in-born ability to learn; and whether black people lacked motivation to get out of poverty," and vice versa with black people being asked about white people. Researchers also asked both groups to state if they felt one race was smarter than the other. Obviously the study relies on questions being answered honestly, and with racism generally considered by most to be a bad thing, it wouldn’t be shocking if people didn’t answer the questions with complete truthfulness.

However, even taking into account people answering dishonestly, there’s an alarming connection here. Be warned racists, just being you might be killing you.