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Protest outside Palestine border in Jerusalem
Clowns in Rebellion protest outside Palestine border in Jerusalemvia Pallasos en Rebeldía on Facebook

Naked clowns protest for Palestine, offend everyone

With seven red noses and camera-in-hand, these clowns managed to offend the majority of Palestine in what appears to be a largely unwanted demonstration

A group of Spanish activists protested nude outside the wall separating Israel and Palestine and have since been forced to apologise for their actions. The group, named Pallasos en Rebedia, translated as Clowns in Rebellion, posed for pictures with nothing but red noses in a bid to campaign against Israeli policy. According to TheLocal, once the photos were published on their Facebook page, the group received immense backlash from residents of Palestine’s conservative community accusing them of "disgusting solidarity" on the Facebook post.

One Palestinian, Abed Salam, commented on the post: "It is something really ugly and stupid and has nothing to do with our fight against Israel, you should delete the photographs."

Although the group clearly had good intentions, their protest was really ill-thought out as not only did they offend Palestine (who they were trying to support) but many of its Muslim territories. Following on from the disastrous protest, a spokesperson for the group, Iván Prado has since released a statement on the group’s website justifying their actions and apologising to everyone who was offended.

The statement reads: "When you stand before this shameful fence all humanity is naked. We want to publicly apologize to all Palestinians who might be offended by our actions against the wall of shame that pierces the West Bank and every human heart," he continued. This is not an attack on Islam, it is our way of protesting the existence of the wall," he added.

It is the second topless protest in a week that has upset Muslim communities. Femen activists stormed a Muslim conference in Paris last week and drew criticism from many quarters for fighting a battle that isn’t theirs to fight. If you’re going to protest in support of a particular group, it‘s probably best to check that you have the group’s backing before launching into it.