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Still from "Uncle John"
Still from "Uncle John"via

David Lynch agrees, Uncle John is a mindfuck

This backwaters thiller about a small town murder mystery eerily resembles Twin Peaks

There’s a pretty slim chance you’ve heard about upcoming thriller Uncle John. It will be quietly released on VOD Friday, but buried in its unsettling trailer is one of the biggest commendations a filmmaker can receive: a quote from living legend David Lynch. Lynch lent his kudos to the trailer, admitting it took days to shake the film, saying, “Uncle John caught me up and held me for days after seeing it”.

Uncle John is one of those thrillers where, while everything seems fine on the surface, just underneath is bubbling insanity. Based on a small town murder, this movie is the weird cousin of Twin Peaks. The similarities? It begins with a death that rocks a community in a big way. A bevy of spooky characters and a reasonable sherriff. The differences? We know from the outset that John is the killer, and this story unravels as Danny – his brother on the bottle – is the only one who knows and threatens to reveal the truth.

Watch the trailer below: