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Black Girls Talking prioritises the analysis of POC representation and pop culture newsvia

How young, diverse and uncensored women are speaking out

Fuckboys, cultural critique, body shaming, Zayn Malik worship: explore an online audio refuge that’s giving girl talk a platform

DM Sliders, Fuckboys, sex toys, sex woes, Cyborg Consciousness, cultural appropriation, body shaming, Colonization, Intersectionality, Feminism, Race, Drake, Drake + Serena Williams, Drake vs Meek Mill, Zayn Malik worship, Afrofuturism and renting-but-not-quite-surviving in London. These are just some of the topics dished out and dissected by a wave of women-led chatty podcasts making space for banter, laughs and cultural critique.

Despite being sidelined and silenced in most media realms, an online audio refuge has been forged for the voices of young, diverse and uncensored women. Whether it’s schooling you out of your ignorance or providing a shoulder to cry on, these girls are the perfect alternative for when your IRL girlfriend catch-ups fall through. Below, we list 10 of the most exciting podcasts that will have you rescheduling your week for some Soundcloud story time.


The “undiluted REAL TALK” served by best friends Zezi Ifore and Irene Agbontaen will get you hooked! Mulling over the many pro’s and woes of being grown and fierce, these 30-something Londoners/creative industry heavyweights are so relatable and honest, combining pop-culture references with South London realness and plenty jokes.

You’ll soon find that nothing is off limits for these two, their #JISTY discussion topics ranging from sex and dating to Drake and racial politics...with friends and guests chipping in too. The last bit of their weekly show also gives space to the crazy dilemmas that listeners send in (Girls, need to persuade your guy to go down on you? this episode has you sorted)

The Latest: Kanye-for-President, Inappropriate friendships and catching-good-vibes-but-having-green-eyes at weddings when single.


Call Your Girlfriend is literally a free invite into the long-distance phone catch-ups between creatives Gina Delvac, Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sew. Politics, Kimye and female erogenous zones (bellybutton-fingering anyone?) are just some of the subjects they pick at on a bi-weekly basis. If calling your girlfriend falls through, these gals have your back.

The Latest: Taylor Swift’s colonial fantasy, sister rivalry and menstrual cycles


Writers Fariha Roísín and Zeba Blay have been steadily pulling apart race representation in popular culture for over 100 episodes. As self declared “Presidents of the Carefree Brown Girl Society”, this duo has no problem breaking down damaging race stereotypes and the continuous silencing of POCs in media and culture outlets. With their knack for fusing nuanced analysis with laughs and relatable stories, these girls steer far from any sort of preachiness. Make sure you tune in weekly to get your dose of knowledge and empowerment.

The Latest: Taylor Swift as the ‘basic white girl’, why we need to listen to Nicki Minaj and the importance of Serena Williams.


Harking back to “older, classic and less-classic films” (Blade Runner, Tangerine and The Big City included) writer/illustrator/actress Annie Mok goes deep into the world of cinema with equally movie-savvy guests. With audio seminar/film club vibes, listening to this will not only force you to refine your Netflix schedule…it’ll help you up your film-analysis game too.

The Latest: Writers Arabelle Sicardi and Hazel Cills on Blade Runner and Cyborgs


This is a podcast is all about periods, and evidently, there is a lot to say. Brought to us by the women behind Dear Kate underwear and comedian/host Emma Willmann, expect to hear about getting period blood all over a boyfriends car, bleeding on a strangers floor and best feminine hygiene products on the market.

The latest: What’s like growing up as a 27-year old virgin?


These girls have been in the podcast games for a hot minute and have rounded up a steady following for good reason too. Featuring the thoughts of writers Fatima, Alesia, Aurelia and Ramou, Black Girls Talking prioritises the analysis of POC representation and pop culture news. Episodes you need catch up on are: #DRAKEWATCH, their discussion with writer and transgender rights activist Janet Mock plus their dissection of Rachel Dolezal.

The Latest: Accepting the excellence of Venus and Serena Williams


There’s not really an effective way of summarising this podcast, which is why it’s so good. Buzzfeed writers/Twitter queens Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton are just so relatable and hilarious, mulling over anxiety, microagression and first time bikini wax experiences (“it looked like a newborn baby having a tantrum”). They describe their show as a boozy podcast, proof that a little alcohol does no harm when discussing squirrels, Nicki Minaj and Shonda Rhimes with author Roxane Gay.

The Latest: Self care and tackling anxiety


The title of this podcast sufficiently explains how you’ll be reacting to the ramblings of these Cali-based gals. With sass in abundance, Babs and Lola will have you wishing to claim them as besties. If you’re new to these two, rewind to The Chicken Grease Episode, Bad Advice from Good People and Cultural Insensitivity Training.

The Latest: Dealing with a crazy baby-mamas and dumb family members


NYC-based musician Destiny Frasqueri (FKA Princesss Nokia) started Smart Girls Club on online radio station Know-Wave late last year. Much like her music, discussion centres on women empowerment and being an urban feminist. A really great episode to get acquainted with is “Witch Guts” which features really refreshing dialogue on free bleeding and celebrating menstruation.

The Latest: Frasqueri intercepts a literary reading with awesome tunes


“We’re Sistren and we’re here to talk the ting” introduces London-based friends Michelle, Steph and Vanessa on their new series. Having only just started on their podcast journey a few weeks ago, the trio have so far offered uncensored chat on female empowerment and DM Sliders (i.e. boys who try and woo a girl via DMs without any online etiquette and ‘timeline rapport’). The anticipation is strong for what these girls have in store!

The Latest: Unwelcome, unwanted and unnecessary male opinions and dodging fuckboys