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Ren Hang

The Instagrammers celebrating the beauty of the body

Subverting social media censorship, these are some of the @handles celebrating the possibilities, and the beauty, of the human body

It’s hard out there for the human body. There are so many ways that it can present itself – nude, clothed, contorted, sexualised, natural or altered in appearance. With the internet an open door ushering in people from all walks of life and ages there’s plenty to be said on the topic. And in an era where anyone can post images online, social media treads the murky waters between self-expression and moderation. While there’s perfectly valid arguments for both of these issues, today we’re here to celebrate a small handful of the Instagram accounts that tread that virtual line so perfectly.


Art rebel Ren Hang is no stranger to courting controversy in his home country of China, so it feels only natural that he extends his work to Instagram – and we're so happy he does. His account is a living, breathing feed with daily uploads from his archive. Although he tows the line in terms of Instagram's image guidelines, it's a credit to his vision at how each image’s impact remains unchanged, even when slightly censored.


A purveyour of all things great in erotica, publisher Bang Bang Books present an alluring feed of covers and spreads from artists like Nobuyoshi Araki, Anaïs Nin and Shoji Otake – all who have celebrated the body in their own (usually nude) way.


An incredible visual exploration of the body through illustration and photography. Japanese creative, known simply as @pink_part__, fuses classical and new art with humour. File under: eye candy for days.


Apart from having one of the best IG handles we've ever seen, digital artist Molly Soda also has one of the most uncompromising accounts when it comes to exploring the body. Through a mixture of selfies and art, Soda's ongoing study of herself is as much an inspiration as a much-needed shove in the side of the stale representations of body image.


Model and artist Myla Dalbesio is an inspiration to women all around the world. Not only that, but she's making inspirations out of other inspirational women all around the world, through her work as a photographer. Shooting the body naturally and celebrating all shapes, forms, sizes, backgrounds (anddd this list could go on forever.) We caught up with her more here about how she’s helping to diversify our notions of beauty.

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