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anish kapoor
Anish Kapoor with "Dirty Corner" before it was attacked by antisemitesJacques Grad via Le Jdd

Anish Kapoor’s ‘vagina’ covered in antisemitic graffiti

The artist’s controversial ‘Dirty Corner’ sculpture at the Palace of Versailles has been the subject of another attack

Anish Kapoor’s highly controversial "vagina" sculpture at the Palace of Versailles has been sprayed with antisemitic graffiti for the second time this year. The first time the statue was attacked the graffiti was cleaned off, but this time Kapoor wants the vandalism to remain, as evidence of the hatred that still pervades our world.

According to management at the palace, phrases such as "SS blood sacrifice" and "the second RAPE of the nation by DEVIANT JEWISH activism" were written on the monument by vandals. Despite the offensive nature of the attack, Kapoor is reportedly determined to leave the graffiti in place.

According to Le Figaro (translated by the Guardian), Kapoor said: "I had already questioned the wisdom of cleaning it after the first vandalism. This time, I am convinced that nothing should be removed from these slurs, from these words which belong to antisemitism that we’d rather forget. From now on, in the name of our universal principles, these abominable words will become part of my work, they will overlay it and stigmatise it."

Dirty Corner was erected in June 2015 and will remain until November. The sculpture attracted a mixture of praise and criticism when unveiled, with some – including the mayor of Versailles – holding the opinion that the monunment is an inappropriate addition to the palace grounds. Others hailed Dirty Corner, said to represent "the queen coming into power", as a masterpiece.

It’s not the only dirty corner that Kapoor has been working with in recent time. Recently, the British artist set up an Instagram account taking his audience on a messy trip to the dirtiest corners of the world. Check it here.