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Juliet Burn In Hell
She seems alright with it

10 per cent of us actually think we’re going to hell

Feeling terrible about last night? According to a new YouGov poll, you’re not alone

What did you do last night? Chances are, you might be feeling a little bit shit. So shit, in fact, that you may have rolled out of bed today and resigned yourself to an inevitable fate of burning in hell.

No? ...Too much? Well, apparently not for 10 per cent of you.

New YouGov research has revealed that, although British people generally do have a pretty clear conscious, one in ten of us believe that hell will be our final resting place. Although that seems like a pretty small amount, it's still staggering to think that some of us genuinely believe that they'll be spending eternity swimming in lakes of fire with Hitler and Voldemort. Do we really think so little of ourselves?

Aside from that more miserable 10 per cent though, we do otherwise seem pretty content with our lives. When participants were asked if they would be happy if they died today, 30% of 18 to 24-year-olds answered in the affirmative, with only 42% being a bit annoyed about it – which is pretty impressive stuff.

The research also revealed a distinct disparity between the sexes. 14% of British men believe they're going to hell (compared to 6% of women), and 35% would prefer to live forever (over 21% of women). You can make of that what you will.