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man buns of disneyland
via Instagram @manbunsofinstagram

Man buns have taken over Disneyland

They're dominating coffee shops, they've invaded the workplace and now they're occupying the happiest place in the world

I don’t think I’ve ever been more over a trend before it started than man buns. Or "muns" if you're that way inclined. It might be working in east London that did it – they are everywhere.

A plethora of reasons have made them utterly repellent to me – the sheer ubiquity of them. So it’s perhaps no surprise that they’re even populating the happiest place in the world.

Man Buns of Disneyland has gone viral. With 52,700 followers to date, the account posts pictures of men sporting the style as they go on rides, eat popcorn and pose for photos.

Man Buns Of Disneyland asks followers to send in pictures of any "muns" they see while at Disneyland. They're not short of contributions. Men strike poses by popular landmarks, such as Mickey's Fun Wheel or Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Others embrace lovers or costumed characters.

Some of them are quite creepy pap shots of men as they stroll around oblivious to the fact they’re being watched. Lots of them are dads with kids in their arms.

If you’re really into man buns then go ahead and enjoy. If you hate them, then you’ll probably still get something out of it too.