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Laura Palmer
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Twin Peaks to be shot as one long movie

David Lynch’s brainchild is getting the cinematic treatment – but what could it mean?

There’s a lot of information already swirling around about the reincarnation of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. What to believe?! Well, hold on to your logs, ladies, because at the TCA Summer Press Tour 2015, new details of the show were announced by Showtime president David Nevins. The most important development? Twin Peaks will be filmed as one long movie, then split into parts (more than nine, hopefully 18).

Why is that such a big deal? This means the show will maintain its continuity; the storyline will be a slow burner, with a monumental climax in the latter episodes (kind of like more modern cinematic procedurals like True Detective). Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost has written one long script for the series, possibly to ensure all of the loose ends are tied up before introducing any new ‘mysteries’. TV shows often aren’t filmed in this way because of scheduling (the network needs a new episode each week, which often doesn’t leave time for an entire series to wrap before its air date). But if you’re Lynch, you’ve got all the time in the world.

And what about all the on-again, off-again drama that has plagued production? Nevins reportedly “never had a doubt” Twin Peaks would happen. So what was the holdup? They originally only budgeted for nine episodes. While Showtime hopes to release it in 2016 – Nevins said, “I want it as badly and as soon as the biggest fans want it” – fans of the show will most likely have to bide their time until 2017 for its debut. But hey, that finally gives you time to catch up on everything we know so far or time to rewatch this teaser.