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Watch Kristen Stewart lay into Hollywood sexism

The actor asked her co-star Jesse Eisenberg all the stupid questions that women are regularly faced with answering

Last week we reported on Cara Delevingne's awful treatment during her interview with Good Day Sacramento. It highlighted just how badly female actors can be treated on global press junkets – a fact that Kristen Stewart is all too familiar with. She rammed the point home in a new Funny Or Die clip with her current co-star Jesse Eisenberg. The pair playfully switched round the questions each of them are usually asked, in the run-up to promoting their movie American Ultra. They clearly had fun, but their point is a serious one.

She asked him questions about who he was wearing (he said “Levi’s”), his relationship status, his body, his diet routine, his favourite boob and whether or not he is pregnant. He asked her all the easy ones – what impressions she can do and what sports teams she likes. Eisenberg ends the interview by saying “now I know what it’s like to be a woman!".

It’s not the first parody video that celebrities have made to highlight the different tacks interviewers take, depending on whether the subject is a man or a woman. Recently, Mark Ruffalo answered the sexist questions Scarlett Johansson is often asked, such as "do you feel pressure to slim down?".

Despite consistent calling out, the industry doesn’t seem to be listening – interviewers are still going in hard with belitting questions. Watch Eisenberg and Stewart making fun of the way journalists often treat actresses.