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The director of Drive’s rare film poster obsession

For a new book, Nicolas Winding Refn is giving us a look at his insane library of vintage posters

A lot of filmmakers moonlight as hoarders. Guillermo Del Toro harvests quirky props and toys to festoon his man cave he’s dubbed “Bleak House”. Quentin Tarantino, we’re guessing, has a supercut of sexy feet alongside his stockpile of board games based on retro television shows.

Nicolas Winding Refn – the colour-blind visionary talent behind DriveOnly God Forgives, and the Pusher trilogy – has amassed an impressive collection of rare film posters which he plans to release in a mammoth coffee table book. Released in September, The Act of Seeing includes posters for little-seen American flicks such as Spiked Heels and Black Nylons, Obscene House, Alice in AcidlandThe Twisted Sex, Torture Me Kiss Me and Zero In and Scream.

But this ain’t your regular deluxe table decoration – Refn has slaved over putting this together (in between shooting upcoming cannibal supermodel flick The Neon Demon), so expect “comprehensive historical context provided for each poster” which promises to “encapsulate everything he has learned about direct eyewitness confrontation on a heart-felt individual journey into the art and act of seeing.”

So basically, if you want to peek inside the visual mind of one of your favourite filmmakers, what better way than through his siiiiick poster collection?

The Act Of Seeing by Nicolas Winding Refn is released by Fab Press in September