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American teens are reportedly going off sex and weed

Once considered staples of any regular ascent into adulthood, studies show that habits are changing

Pandas fucking hate sex. But it turns out that American teenagers might be going off it too. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control (published by CNN), the country’s teens are having the least sex in 25 years.

44 per cent of females and 47 per cent of males aged between 15 and 19 reported having had sex between 2011 and 2013 compared to 51 per cent of females and 60 per cent of males having had sex between 1988 and 1990. Of course, the validity of such figures can never be trusted – if there’s one thing that human beings will always lie about, it’s how much sex they‘re having. A positive though: American teenagers are using condoms more than ever, even if they are having less sex overall.

Maybe you smoked a lot of weed as a kid, but that’s lame too now. Despite a countrywide crusade to legalise marijuana in the US, there’s a growing disinclination to smoke it amongst teenagers. There’s been a dramatic drop in how much kids between 12 and 14 smoke weed, with a 25 per cent fall in the last 11 years. Maybe since you were able to buy weed over the counter it’s become the preserve of dads catching a buzz, rather than synonymous with subculture.

The UK is lagging behind in terms of weed becoming widely available, but Durham’s police force is moving to decriminalise – this week it announced that it would not be prosecuting small-scale growers, as long as they aren’t "blatant" about it.

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h/t: Complex