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Would you use this sexual consent app?

We-Consent checks everyone’s actually up for it before you get down and dirty with your partner – but is it a viable piece of tech?

Can you imagine asking someone you’re about to sleep with for the first time to stop, so you can say “I want to have sex with you” into your phone? A new app designed by an American businessman wants this situation to become the norm.

We-Consent has been developed so that people can give clear consent before engaging in intercourse, by recording a video of you both saying that you want to have sex. The tech’s aim is to establish that both parties are fully willing, and also clear up any ambiguity over whether a person consented or not after the event. But what happens if you change your mind halfway through?

According to We-Consent’s website, the information is “available only to law enforcement, upon judicial order, or as evidence in a college or university sexual assault disciplinary proceeding.” Has it been created so that people can be protected from false sexual harrassment charges? The company also states that it wishes to “change the societal conversations around sexual intercourse” and promote trust and mutual respect between sexual partners.

Rape culture is prevalent and sexual assaults on women all too common. However, is it really feasible to expect people to break off from that familar precipice at the very edge of sex to shout into a smartphone? Sex is already entering the cyber domain, with AI and sex robots being developed to take other humans out of the equation, but this is technology designed to be used solely between two human beings. It’s aiming to do a good thing, but will we ever use it?

A previous app called Good2Go, which aimed to do a similar thing, was shut down by Apple because users complained it was impractical, insecure and tedious. Maybe We-Consent is better – would you make it part of your sex life, or does the concept kill the very idea of what sex is meant to be?