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The selfie stick giveth and the selfie stick taketh away

This week, the much-maligned but wildly popular fad caused a death and saved lives

Russia has such a problem with people dying taking selfies that the government has released a guide on how actually not die taking a selfie, most likely having been inspired by ours. This week, it became apparent that the problem isn’t just localised to Russia. A man in Wales died using a selfie stick after it conducted lightning through him, attracting an electrical strike.

However, the selfie stick giveth, and the selfie stick taketh away; as we all know, the world has a funny way of reclaiming its equilibrium. The lives of a family stuck out at sea were saved by a selfie stick when the dad used one to stay connected to his daughter so they wouldn’t be ripped apart by the current. They filmed the whole thing on the selfie stick – you can watch the video here

When they were released selfie sticks were generally considered something that you’d shove in a cupboard after your "cool aunt" got it for you for Christmas. Against the odds, these long pieces of metal have gone full zeitgeist and walked straight through the front door of our cultural consciousness without knocking. Now they’re both saving lives and taking them away.

What we all expected to be a short-lived, twee fad now appears to wield an awesome power. Should we embrace selfie sticks? Fear them? While we figure all this out, learn this lesson straight up – don’t take your selfie stick out in a storm.