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Wes Anderson game
Become a lobby boy in The Grand Budapest Hotel-inspired game Maquisardvia Maquisard

You can now play The Grand Budapest Hotel game

Wes Anderson’s stunning epic has inspired a pastel-heavy PC adventure game called Maquisard

Fancy being a virtual lobby boy, or hanging out with a wrinkly, geriatric, 2D Tilda Swinton? Thanks to some geniuses at NYU’s Gaming Center, that fantasy is now reality. Wes Anderson’s hit motion picture The Grand Budapest Hotel is the inspiration for a pretty-in-pastel computer game called Maquisard. As the lobby boy at a fancy hotel, your mission is to snoop on guests and collect “clues from the resistance about the identity of a government agent”. Remember playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? This form of sleuthing will take you right back.

While not officially affiliated with Anderson or the film, the game pries opens the rich world dreamt up by the visionary auteur. The game’s plot is not slavishly similar to the film (i.e. there’s no nailbiting luge getaway), but its premise and aesthetics are mainlined through quirky scenarios and lavish visuals worthy of Anderson’s own fastidious attention to detail.

Maquisard is available to download here.